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June 6, 2013

OAKLAND, Calif. – The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is working with the Ventura County Watershed Protection District to update flood hazard risk information.  FEMA released preliminary flood maps that will help community officials, individuals and business owners identify known flood risks.  When finalized, the maps will be used for flood insurance, land use, and development decisions.  The revised maps are digital, incorporating the latest technology to identity flood risk based on detailed engineering models, decades of rainfall, storm gauge information, and current topographic data.

The preliminary flood maps propose changes to portions of San Antonio Creek, Reeves Creek, Thacher Creek, and McNell Creek near the city of Ojai and Ventura County.  Flood hazard information on the preliminary maps will reflect an overall decrease in special flood hazard areas (SFHA) or high risk areas. Although there is an overall decrease of flood risk, it is important individuals and business owners review the preliminary flood maps to determine risks and make informed decisions.

Individuals and business owners who believe the proposed flood maps contain errors will be able to submit appeals by providing scientific or technical information through their community officials to FEMA. Once all appeals are resolved, FEMA will make any necessary updates to the study and notify community officials.  Floodplain administrators in each community have copies of the maps available for public viewing.

Flooding is the most common disaster in the United States.  Homeowners, renters and business owners are encouraged to look at the preliminary flood maps to become familiar with flood risks in their community.  These flood maps can help individuals and businesses make informed decisions about flood insurance options and flood protection measures. For more information about flood insurance or to find a local agent, visit

For questions about flood maps, visit, call 877-FEMA-MAP (877-336-2627) or email